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TABC Certification - Alcohol Seller-Server

  • Self-paced course - log off and on at any time
  • Mobile Friendly - works on any device
  • Shortest, fastest, and cheapest course allowed by law
  • Meets all TABCrequirements for Selling and Serving Alcohol
  • TABC License Valid for 2 Years


Hands-Free TABC Certification - Alcohol Seller-Server

  • Self-Paced Course - Log Off and On at Any Time
  • Mobile Friendly - Works on Any Device
  • Shortest, Fastest, and Cheapest Course Allowed by Law
  • Meets all TABC Requirements for Selling and Serving Alcohol
  • TABC License Valid for 2 Years
  • Prosessed the Same Day as Course Completion
TABC Approved

What to expect

Embark on our comprehensive online TABC training program, dedicated to instilling a culture of responsible alcohol sales in the vibrant state of Texas. Tailored for waitstaff, bartenders, cashiers, caterers, and anyone engaged in the sale or service of alcohol, this course ensures you gain essential knowledge. Upon successful completion and passing the test, you attain immediate TABC certification, with the convenience to either print or save your personalized TABC certificate.

Prior to commencing employment, most employers will insist on your TABC certification. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) strongly advocates that trained individuals in sales, service, and management are more adept at recognizing and preventing the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors, intoxicated individuals, and non-members of private clubs. In alignment with the ‘Safe Harbor Act,’ the TABC recommends businesses enforce mandatory TABC seller server training for employees involved in alcohol sales or service.

Introducing Our TABC Seller Server Certification

Course Highlights

Explore the convenience of our online TABC certification course, designed to cater to the schedules of Texas alcohol sellers and servers. Available 24×7, our course ensures you meet the TABC certification training requirements with flexibility and efficiency.

Swift 2-Year TABC Certification

Upon successful completion of the training and test, receive your 2-year TABC certification instantly. Your certificate remains valid for two years from the date of course completion, granting you a hassle-free licensing experience.

Flexible, Self-Paced Training

Embark on your TABC training journey at your own pace and convenience. Our course, open 24×7, allows you to take breaks as needed, resuming exactly where you left off. With 2 hours of content, customize your learning experience, progressing as swiftly or gradually as you desire.

Multi-Device Accessibility

Experience seamless TABC seller server training on computers, tablets, or phones. Our course is compatible with all devices, including those without Flash, such as iPads and iPhones, offering you versatility in your learning environment.

Unconditional 100% Pass Guarantee

Rest assured with our 100% pass guarantee. Take the course and exam as many times as required until you succeed, all for a single payment.

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